The Eye Makeup Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

cleanupErase dark circles and eye shadow fall out with these ultra-easy tips and tricks. Then say “eye do” to that sexy, I-slept-eight-hours look in seconds.

Tip #1: Love false lashes but find them too time consuming or hard to apply? Cheat your way by layering different mascaras together to achieve a false lash effect. For instance, apply a volumising mascara to add thickness, and then add a second coat of a lengthening mascara for bold, fluttery lashes.

Tip #2: Struggling with dark under eye circles? Use a good light reflecting concealer or layer concealers to get perfect coverage. You might need to use a concealer in a shade or two lighter than your circles to lighten the darkness, and then apply a light reflecting product to add luminosity.

Tip #3: Open up tired eyes by running a white pencil along the lower waterline, it gives you a more wide awake appearance and also makes the whites of your eyes appear brighter. If white is too stark, try a pale gold pencil instead, I guarantee it works a treat.

Tip #4: Eye primer is your best friend. An eye primer makes colours appear more vibrant, prevents benefit_stay.jpgeyeliner from smudging and gives your eye makeup longevity by providing them with a base to adhere to.

Tip #5: Ensure your brows are always groomed, it might be worth booking a monthly appointment with a specialist as great brows can have the same effect as a facelift, and really accentuate your eyes.

Tip #6: If you have stiff, straight lashes, invest in a great eyelash curler before applying waterproof mascara, which will keep your curl going until you take it off at night.

Tip #7: Run out of eyeliner but can’t leave the house without it? Just dampen a thin eyeliner brush and press it in your favourite shadow. It works just as well as eyeliner to line your eyes.

Tip #8: Last, but not least, always, always remove your makeup before going to bed. Leaving mascara on overnight can eventually damage your lashes, leading to breakage and causing them to fall out prematurely. You can also cause eye irritation and allergies by sleeping in your eye makeup.


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