Why We Love White Eyeliner

white-eyeliner-630x941We love white eyeliner because it is a fresh, fun way to highlight your eyes! No matter what your eye colour or skin tone, everyone can pull off white. And there are so many ways to wear it!

1. Line your eyes like you normally would. Just like black, brown or grey eyeliners, you can use white eyeliner to highlight your eye on both the top and bottom lid. This does give a very noticeable cosmetic look so is best left to the brave.

2. For brighter, larger eyes, line just the bottom lid. When you’re doing your regular makeup look, even with black eyeliner on the top lid, add a bit of white to the inside of your lower lid. This will be barely noticeable and will give your eyes a bit of a pop.

3. Layer eyeliners for an interesting effect. You can create a new look by first lining your eyes with thick white eyeliner and then going over it in a thinner, darker colour, such as black or blue. This brightens your eye while still keeping your look relatively normal and safe for work.

4. Change your white eyeliner to a different shade with eye shadow. All you do is dust a bit of a different, bright eye shadow colour over your white eyeliner. Then brush your lid with a clean round brush. The shadow on the lid will lighten, but your old white eyeliner will now be tinted whatever colour you added. This means you can have any colour eyeliner as long as you have white and multiple shades of shadow.

5. For added eye brightening and highlighting, apply white eyeliner to the inner corner of your eye. Lining the top and bottom lid from the inner corner of your eye out until about a half a centimeter will add some real punch to your eyes without changing your look too much. Your eyes will look brighter and you’ll seem more awake and ready to go.


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