Say Goodbye To Enlarged Pores For Good!

pfw-spring-beuty-barbara-buiThought it was just lines and wrinkles you had to fight to keep skin looking younger? Enlarged pores can be a problem at any age, but as you get older pores stretch and become more noticeable. Although we can’t change the number of pores we have, effective and targeted products can tighten and minimize the look  of them. That’s where the new NEUTROGENA PORE REFINING range steps in.

For everyday use, the NEUTROGENA PORE REFINING Daily Cleanser lets you minimize the appearance of pores  – just by washing your face! Working on contact with skin, the cleanser shrinks the look of pores and refines skin’s tone and  texture. This Alpha and Beta Hydroxy formula delivers visible results by smoothing over rough, uneven patches, continually  reducing the appearance of pores week after week for skin that’s healthy, clear and smooth.

When pores are clogged they appear larger. NEUTROGENA’s PORE REFINING Exfoliating Cleanser is designed  to combat clogging by penetrating deep into skin to remove dirt, oil and makeup – effectively shrinking the look of pores to half their size in just two weeks2. With ultra fine microbeads, use this exfoliating cleanser to smooth away rough patches and shrink the look of pores.

Toners are essential to your everyday skincare regime as they balance your skin’s pH level and help to remove any residue left behind after cleansing. The NEUTROGENA PORE REFINING Toner does all of this – with an added focus on minimizing the appearance of pores for transition skin. This formula delivers results by sweeping away dead surface skin and penetrating deep to tighten and reveal less visible pores. Better yet, this oil-free toner won’t over dry skin, and instead refines your complexion for a clearer, more radiant look.

Neutrogena® Pore Refining Daily Cleanser Trio (2)


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