Product Love: Clarins Be Long Mascara

GUCCI-FALL-RTWWhat if there was a mascara that made your lashes look lush on the outside, while helping them grow even longer on the inside? Well now there is!

Meet Be Long Mascara RRP $49.00 , the newest Clarins family member. A smooth, creamy formula that delivers maximum lash extension with a new generation brush. Specifically designed to grasp lashes one at a time wrapping each individual lash to immediately create a a longer and dramatically curved result with no clumps.F_19521

This innovative new formula is also enriched with the ‘Be Long Complex’ which over time encourages lash growth. The two key active ingredients, Matrikine and Panthenol effectively strengthen individual lashes and stimulate lash growth. After 4 weeks of use, lashes increased in length by an average of 1.1mm*. At the same time, in perfect harmony with the lashes’ natural keratin, the Carnauba wax and film-forming polymer fix colour and lift and groom lashes for an immediately visible extension and curve whilst the highly concentrated colour pigments deliver an intense, deep and sublime look after the first application.

Clarins Be Long Mascara (on counter February 24th) exclusive applicator brush sees that no lash goes unnoticed—even the teensiest. It’s turbine shaped applicator coats lashes from base to tip and it’s 7 degree angle head makes the super formula easier to apply leaving no lash unnoticed.


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