Say Goodbye To Chapped Lips

Glittery-Glossy-pastel-Rose-lips-BackstageDon’t let the summer sun wreak havoc on your lips. Here’s how to kiss those dry, chapped lips goodbye…

1) Drink plenty of water and up your intake of B vitamins as low levels can lead to dry, cracked skin.

2) Resist the urge to lick your lips – this only makes them worse.

3) Buff away dead skin cells away using a soft toothbrush to help reduce chapping.

4) Read the labels! Not all lip balms are the same. Balms or sticks made with mineral oil or petroleum jelly don’t moisturise as such, they simply sit on the lips’ surface, and may even dry the lips out. Flavoured lip balms may taste nice but they might encourage you to lick your lips even more. More natural ingredients, such as plain plant oils and purified lanolin are by far the best choices for keeping lips soft and comfortable.

5) Very sensitive lips respond best to a fragrance-free, natural emollient. Interestingly, most nipple creams, especially those that contain purified medical grade lanolin, can actually be the best balms for very sore lips.

 6) You don’t have to forego the glamour! Lip gloss can actually help protect against the drying sun, or try a tinted lip balm containing vitamin E, shea or cocoa butter.


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