Rise Of The Brunette

labelmNothing screams glamour like big beautiful hair! Take your tresses to new heights with the new label.m Brunette Resurrection Style Dust RRP $53.

Touted as the new miracle powder, this lightweight, volumising dust has been developed especially for darker tones to eliminate any white chalky residue. The iridescent powder is easily absorbed into hair to restore body and shine to previously limp and lifeless locks.

The fine, smooth particles of label.m’s Brunette Resurrection Style Dust quickly expand when worked into dry hair, allowing for full coverage and natural movement without that dreaded gritty feeling.

Ideal for effortless backcombing, this coveted powder has more than earned its status as a stylist favourite for its ability to revive and rework styles throughout the day with just a simple tousle at the roots to restore the hair’s oomph.

Label.m’s Brunette Resurrection Style Dust is the ultimate style-solution acting as a root-lifter, texturiser and base volumiser to aid a smoother finish and more dynamic texture.

Armed with a handy filter, it allows you to dispense the right amount of product every time so there’s no risk of shaking out too much dust!

Top Tip: For volume lift simply section hair and shake into root area, massaging gently with fingers for desired effect, or shake over root area for backcombing.

Label.m Brunette Resurrection Style Dust (2)

Label.m products are available instore at TONI&GUY Salons.


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