Weleda’s New Natural Hair Care Range

Alexander-Wang-Spring-Summer-2014-Backstage-BeautyWeleda’s new natural hair care range has been holistically formulated to provide your scalp and hair with exactly what it needs to nourish, balance and restore beautiful and healthy hair.

Instead of using synthetic ingredients which often work as a cover-up by adding a layer of silicone to the hair, giving it an immediate sheen, Weleda’s new range includes cereals – Millet, Oat and Wheat – carefully chosen for their ability to fulfill specific hair care needs.

Millet, Oat and Wheat have some surprising similarities to hair, including their structure, surface and the way they grow. This makes them ideally suited to protecting, nourishing and restoring the health of the scalp and hair.

In nature these cereals produce a structuring, shaping compound called silicic acid to grow strong and upright. Silicic acid has a similarly beneficial effect on our hair, taken as a nutritional supplement to increase its strength, and improve the health of the scalp. Plant-based silicic acid can be absorbed and used more easily by humans than its mineral-based counterpart, because it exists in a more organic context.

As your hair adjusts to using Weleda’s new natural hair care range, there may be a period of time where synthetic silicone is removed from your hair, before it has fully regained its natural shine. To help your hair look good during this transition, and to maintain healthiness afterwards, here are some holistic hair care tips;

1. Brush hair daily as it helps to mechanically distribute the natural sebum to the tips. Tips become less dry and hair line less greasy resulting in shinier and smoother hair. A natural bristle brush is better to use than a plastic one which may cause static.

2. Care for dry ends by massaging some OAT Replenishing Treatment into the ends and leave for five to ten minutes before washing your hair.

3. Massage your scalp while washing your hair to supply the roots with the nutrients they need.

4. Use the OAT Replenishing Conditioner to promote the natural regeneration of dry and damaged hair.

5. Dry your hair and scalp with a towel before using a hairdryer as using too much heat can damage the hair.

6. Massage the scalp with the Revitalising Hair Tonic to invigorate the scalp and encourage hair growth.

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