How To: Create Your Own Spathroom

Belstaff_Backstage_Fall_2013_Mercedes_Benz_UMx_HjWhether you have the budget for a full bathroom refurbishment, or for just picking up some luxurious candles or towels, here are 5 ways to enjoy your very own ‘Spathroom’.

1. It’s believed that colours behave in three basic ways: active, passive, and neutral. You can easily match every room’s colours to your personal desires, your taste and the room purpose. If you use yellow in your bathroom it captures the joy of sunshine and communicates happiness while blue is considered calming, relaxing and serene. It can even reduce your blood pressure!

2. High end spas and hotels usually use ultra-soft Egyptian or Pima cotton on their towels. So, next time you are buying towels make sure you read the labels. All towels have a fabric weight, measured with a GSM (grams per square meter) number. This refers to the density of the fabric used to make that particular towel. The higher the GSM the closer to that fluffy spa feeling!

3. Being at one with nature often relaxes people, add some plants to your spathrooms. Research has shown living plants in our home make us happier – choose plants with bright flowers, those which give off nice aromas and have a unique texture to satisfy all the senses!

4. Hang fresh eucalyptus leaves in your shower to benefit from the aromatherapy properties. Eucalyptus is used a lot in spas as it soothes muscular tension and eases respiratory problems… and it smells pretty nice too!

5. Invest in iSteam. For the ultimate luxury this new swipe-touch style control can improve your home steam shower experience – from steam duration to music type; this handy new device is the only touch screen control your bathroom will ever need.


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