Beauty Tips From VS Sassoon Stylist Brad Ballard

Brad Ballard (2)VS Sassoon Stylist Brad Ballard is a renowned hairdresser and salon owner (he owns Booth St. Salon in Sydney) who has made his mark both in the US and Australia. He has worked extensively in the TV industry as the hair stylist for top-rating Australian television shows including Australia’s Next Top Model, and his work has also featured in a number of leading fashion and beauty publications, such as Marie Claire, Madison and Cosmopolitan. He shares his top beauty tips with us below…

Which is your favorite summer style and why?
My all time favorite is the classic beachy look. This looks works for almost everyone and it’s effortlessly chic.

Any tips for nailing it?
VS Sassoon Curl Secret makes creating this look a breeze. Use the low heat setting on the 8 second timer on hair that has been blow dried with a salt spray. Remember to keep your sections approximately ½-1 inch wide. To finish, I like to loosely braid the front hairline.

How would you recommend we keep our hair nourished and strong over the warmer months?
It is definitely time to start using a leave in conditioner. Whether you have fine or thick hair, there will be one that suits your hair type. A weekly/fortnightly treatment is also highly recommended for coloured hair.

What are your top five hair styling essentials/techniques as a hairdresser?
My top five essentials would be:

1. Get a haircut that suits your hair type. It will make the world of difference if you work with what you naturally have.

2. Use the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. It is rare to have one shampoo and conditioner that suits the whole family.

3. For curly hair, let your hair dry as naturally as possible, then use the appropriate styling tool to control and finish the look once your hair is dry.

4. The best way to stop flyaways is by using the hand moisturizer already on your hands. Run your hands over the ends of your hair to control the frizz.

5. For ladies with fine/limp hair, once you have finished blow drying your hair, blast some dry shampoo through the roots to give a natural looking boost to your limp locks.

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