How To: ghd x Twenty-Seven Names NZFW 2013

27 Names GHD - NZFW13 072Rene Magritte, the infamous Belgian surrealist artist, was the starting point for twenty-seven names’ winter 2014 collection entitled ‘I’m Lost’. Looking back on a visit to the Magritte Museum in Brussels, which houses a collection dedicated to the artist’s life’s work, the designers borrowed Magritte’s famed symbols, the bowler hat, green apple, and beating heart, to create this season’s signature print. By using a vividly tonal colour palette the collection echoes the artist’s common use of darkness and daylight. The winter collection cuts dramatic tailored coats, with soft paisley silks, complemented by a jacquard of tiny gold hearts. ‘I’m Lost’ combines a love of classic preppy pieces with light-hearted graphic all-over prints.

INSPIRATION: The twenty-seven names’ girls were set on translating their commanding reference, Rene Magritte, into a hair look that was beautiful but effortless, with a strong focus on body but without creating something too precious.

How To:

Step1: Generously apply ghd Root Lift Spray at the roots. On the ends of the hair apply a small amount of ghd Total Volume Foam.

Step 2: Using the ghd air™ professional hairdryer, dry the hair with maximum lift at roots and direct the hair so it’s off the face. Keep ends smooth and straight.

Step 3: Create a low side part on the right hand side of the head.

Step 4: On the left hand side of the back comb the roots (textures set) then using the ghd eclipse™ style from roots to ends.

Step 5: Tuck right hand side of the hair behind the right ear.

Step 6: Keeping hair off the face spray ghd Final Fix Hairspray to finish.

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