Blushing Beautiful

blusher1That soft pink flush which occurs after a first date kiss will always be irreplaceable. But whether you’re with or without a date, applying blush properly will instantly make you look younger and healthier.

When picking the best or most naturally flattering blush look for colours that are going to compliment your skin, eye and hair colour. I like to use peach tones on fair to medium skinned brunettes. I love softer pinks and amber colours on fair redheads and on darker complexions with dark hair I love corals and deeper plum shades.

When applying blush, remember the phrase ‘blush only where you blush’. Apply blush on the ‘cup’ of the cheekbone (this is the area on the cheekbone found directly underneath the outer corner of the eye) and blend onto the apple. Then use either a bronzing powder or natural skin-toned face powder to highlight and contour the cheekbone.

Both powder and cream blush look beautiful. Selection comes down to personal preference in terms of the texture and finish you would like. Oilier skins suit the longwearing benefits of a powder blush whereas a drier skin may feel more comfortable with a cream blush. Use a soft, medium-sized blush brush for the most perfect application of powder blush and a stipple brush for cream blush.


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