Oxygen Skincare

6932482We talk  essential oils, natural products and healthy living with Alana Riley, the woman behind Oxygen skincare.

1. What was the inspiration behind Oxygen?

One day I was sat on Kaiteriteri beach having a conversation with a friend about the worrying amount of chemicals that are found in common skincare products. This was especially important to me at the time because my sister in law was suffering from 3rd stage breast cancer, which meant she had to be extremely careful about what products and chemicals she was exposed to. With a history in the organics industry I believed I could use this knowledge to make something better for my sister in law and decided right there and then that I would start my own natural skincare business.

After doing further research I also discovered that there was nothing available in New Zealand designed specifically for teenagers that was natural and non-harmful to their skin. I’ve worked with teens for many years, helping to develop their grooming skills and confidence – this is something I still do regularly here in Nelson as I really love to empower young people and try to be a positive influence in their development. So I decided perhaps I was the one for the job!

2. What makes you different to other skincare companies?

Aside from Oxygen’s Teen range being the first natural teen skincare range available in New Zealand, I’m also passionate about staying involved in the skincare process once my customers have purchased Oxygen products – I’ve never been about selling them the cream and leaving them to it! For women, I have workshops and tips online to help them get the most out of their products and for teens, we will regularly visit schools and run workshops around the country to teach young people how to care for their skin correctly.

3. Why is it so important to you that your products are natural?

Having lived as a country girl for a big part of my life, I live a healthy lifestyle and I like to care for myself and my family as best I can – and this naturally extends to the products I put on my skin and body! Oxygen Skincare combines the very best natural ingredients found in plants and essential oils to care for skin while also being therapeutic and rebalancing. There have been some worrying research findings into the effects of nasties like parabens and preservatives so I would never want to risk my customers’ skin by including chemicals in my products when there’s a natural alternative. After all, natural beauty is healthy beauty!

4. You use a lot of essential oils in your products, what are the benefits of these?

Essential oils have a natural affinity with skin, so are absorbed more easily and effectively. They also provide a number of therapeutic benefits to stimulate and rebalance the mind, making them not only great for caring for skin but also for providing a lovely experience for the user.

5. What are your ‘must-have’ Oxygen products?

I just LOVE the Oxygen Women’s Crème Exfoliator – this is because I used to have noticeable pigmentation on my face and it’s the only product I have ever used that reduces this. I also love the Teen problem skin range as I’ve seen the awesome results it provides to people suffering from acne. It’s so great to see kids getting results and feeling good about their skin – it’s one less thing for them to worry about during those sometimes difficult, early adult years!

6. What lies ahead for you and Oxygen?

We recently launched our products in the UK and are now hoping to expand further internationally – there are some exciting things in the pipeline for Oxygen! We’re also working on some really cool new products including a body exfoliating product and intensive facial oil… so watch this space!

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