Could You Be The Face (And Hair) Of Dove?

00650hIn a nationwide campaign launched this month, beauty brand Dove is recruiting four Kiwi women who will become the face of Dove hair care in New Zealand.

Dove has used real women all over the world in their Campaign for Real Beauty – but this is the first time that they’ve done this here. Dove believes that beauty should be for everyone, because looking and feeling your best makes you feel happier – and what better place to start than your hair. More than 75% of all Kiwi women believe they have dry or damaged hair caused by drying, styling and colour. Dry hair is rough & frizzy and is difficult to manage; damaged hair is prone to breakage, full of split-ends, and loses colour faster.

Kiwis from around the country have already been invited to discover the Dove Difference for their dry or damaged hair and are currently sampling the Dove Hair Care range. Dove knows their range makes a difference, but they want to hear that from Kiwi women.

After sampling the Dove Hair Care range, participants are invited to upload their video and written experiences to the Dove hub on Facebook, from which the top four will be invited to become the face of Dove Hair in New Zealand.

For the lucky four Kiwi women who will become the face of Dove Hair, an amazing experience is in store as they become real life TV-stars. With TV and magazine shoots on the cards, along with all the glamour that entails, they’ll be able to realise a dream of theirs to repair a part of their lives and give back to something in their community – thanks to Dove.


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