Insider Beauty Secrets

IcebergAW12SmokyEyesEven the hottest A-listers have flaws: not-so-high cheekbones, monster zits, thin lips, you name it. Who makes it all less noticeable? Their makeup artists, of course. The most talented of their kind spill their secrets, so you can fake perfection too.

The Light: When highlighting, think of the areas that the light naturally hits: above the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, the brow bone, the forehead and the center of your chin.

Set and Forget: To really set your eye pencil and keep it from smudging, layer with some eye shadow in the same shade.

Perfect Liner: Don’t try and draw a straight line of liner all at once. Instead make a series of small dots along the lash line, then connect and smudge dots together to create a perfect soft line.

Soft Smolder: For quick one-step smoky eyes, blend a dark cream shadow all over the lids and up to the crease, then sweep along lower lash line. Follow with powder shadow for extra intensity.

Not So Hot: When washing your face, tepid water is best, as hot water can cause broken capillaries.

High Cheekbones: To fake high cheekbones, softly blend a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone under cheeks before applying bronzer or blush.

Pouty Lips: Fake a plump pout by dabbing a sheer highlighter on the top of the cupid’s bow.

Radiant Complexion: Apply foundation with a damp natural sea sponge for a gorgeous radiant finish.

Vital Care: Vitamins help the skin operate at its prime. Take vitamin A for the renewal of skin cells, C for clarity and elasticity, and E to help maintain healthy skin tissue.

Perfect Match: Find a couple of foundations in shades close to your natural skin tone and try blending them in the apple of your cheeks. As you blend to the jawline, the right shade should simply disappear on your skin.



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