The Beauty Behind Mobile Spray Tans NZ

StTropezSS10LFWFront1Paler than Rachel Evan Wood and you have a hot date this weekend? Don’t sweat it, the girls at Mobile Spray Tans NZ have you covered. Currently only available in Auckland, we sat down with Ele of Mobile Spray Tans NZ to find out more about the beauty behind the brand.

How did Mobile Spray Tans NZ begin?
Mobile Spray Tans begun in 2009 when a huge gap in the Auckland market was identified for a mobile tanning service. We hated the idea of travelling to a salon, tanning in a terrible tanning booth and then the long drive back home! Now people can enjoy and maintain their tan without the hassle; which has proved hugely successful for our company.

What makes you different to other spray tanning companies?
It is simple- our service and our beautiful, organic product! These seem like two very humble elements but you would be surprised at how many salons forget these. Tanning is a personal process and we treat every client’s body as unique and use the product that will get the best result of them, not because we have it in stock.

You pride yourself on having 100% Certified Organic tanning products, why is this so important and what products do you use?
It is hugely important to nourish and protect your skin – it is our largest organ after all! Recently the company has evolved to meet the growing demand for natural products, so we use only 100% Certified Organic DHA tanning products. These products produce a gorgeous colour on the skin without the nasty chemicals, dyes and ‘fake-tan’ smell that is usually associated with tanning.

We noticed people wanted to incorporate tanning back into their clean-living lifestyle, and now that is possible with the update to our product range! Not only that, we can be confident that we are treating and looking after your skin perfectly.

For those who have never experienced a spray tan give us a full run down on the process.
For some, spray tanning can be a daunting process! But we can assure you it is super simple and thanks to our natural products, going orange and streaky is a thing of the past.

One of the team will show up to your house, set up the gear and are ready to roll! We typically start with the back and work our way down the body to the calves, then we progress with the side of the body (paying special attention to the bust for that killer cleavage!), then work down to the legs- finishing off with the face. The whole process takes about 5 minutes and you are dry after 30 seconds. We then pack up and you are free to relax at home until it is time to rinse off the bronzer; which is between 2-8 hours depending on the product we use.

What are your top 6 tips for getting the perfect spray tan and making sure it stays looking good?
We let our clients know that good tanning prep makes all the difference. These 6 steps will ensure you get the most out of your tan:

Hair removal: It’s best to wax at least a day before your tan, shaving can be left till the morning of your tan.

Exfoliation: do this either the night before or the morning of your tan, to allow for the removal of dead skin cells. Exfoliation plays a huge part in the life of your tan.

Shower: If possible it’s a good idea to have a shower prior to your tan, ensuring you do not apply any deodorant, moisturizer or makeup afterwards, as the cleaner your skin the better the tan will develop.

Clothing: Make sure you wear dark loose clothing after your tan, and refrain from wearing a bra for as long as possible. We suggest trackies and a t-shirt for your perfect post-tan outfit.

Products: After your tan has developed (between 2-8 hours) stay clear from bar soap and other products that will encourage the tan to lift from your skin.

Moisturise: The more you do so, the longer the tan will last. Our tans can last anywhere between 5 and 10 days.

What are your plans for the future of Mobile Spray Tans NZ?
We want to change the face of the tanning market, steering away from the current perceptions of tacky and fake. We aim to create a benchmark through our natural and organic product, ensuring that we are truly providing the best and healthiest method of tanning in New Zealand!



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