Stress Protect

stressprotectWhether it’s a first date, a job interview or even cooking for others, we have all felt and experienced emotional stress. But now you can say ‘goodbye’ to the sweaty and smelly side effects of emotional stress and say ‘hello’ to confidently passing your most stressful situations with NIVEA’s breakthrough new anti-perspirant deodorant range, Stress Protect, a category first in New Zealand.

The Lowdown On Sweat
Believe it or not, there are different forms of sweating:

Thermal sweating – from the body’s reaction to temperature and physical exercise or exertion

Emotional sweating – your body’s automatic reaction when facing a heightened emotionally stressful situation

These heightened emotionally stressful situations cause your body to react in many different ways. For example, the moment you enter a job interview, you may experience a sudden rush of emotions – your heart beats faster, you might feel flushed or anxious and you begin to sweat on your hands, forehead and underarms! This type of sweat, known as ‘emotional sweating’, is different to sweat experienced from heat or physical exertion.

How is emotional sweating different?
Thermal sweating is generally a thermo regulatory function of the body. The eccrine sweat glands start to release a mix of salt and water (sweat) all over your body in its attempt to cool down.

Emotional sweating, which can also be thought of as stress sweating occurs independently of ambient temperature. Emotions like anxiety or excitement can trigger rapid physical responses in our body. Our heart beats faster and the blood supply to the muscles increases, which we can feel as heat waves. The apocrine sweat glands in our armpits are activated, releasing sweat and other substances that results in a stronger body odour.

Introducing NIVEA and NIVEA Men Stress Protect!
With a deep understanding of how stress sweating works NIVEA developed Stress Protect. It includes a range of four anti-perspirant deodorants, in roll-on and aerosol formats for both men and women. Studies conducted by NIVEA have proven that Stress Protect minimises sweat by up to 85%** and significantly reduces the formation of body odour.

How? A unique antibacterial formula of Stress Protect actives and a zinc complex provides extra protection in stressful situations to help you keep your stress sweating under control. In addition, the formula also includes rich and nutritious avocado oil to care for the delicate underarm skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.



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