Say Goodbye To Oily Hair

greasyahirHaving annoyingly oily hair myself, I know what it’s like to having to find time to fit in the daily up keep of oily hair. Here are a few tips to help those of you who just can’t find the time to wash and dry your hair every day.

1. Dry shampoo is an oily haired girl’s best friend! Spray through the roots of the hair and the areas that need the most attention, the powder will help absorb some of the oil and make your hair look and feel fresh in those days between washing. But for you dark haired girls make sure you do use it sparingly otherwise it can tend to look rather grey and powdery or look for a dray shampoo specificly designed for dark hair.

2. Try not to brush your hair too much! By brushing the hair too many times it can stimulate the scalp thus making it produce more oil, which is what we want to avoid! Also too much brushing can distribute the oil further down the hair shaft, making the oily area larger and more noticeable!

3. If you have an extreme case of excess oil, avoid conditioner all together, or try using it just on the ends of the hair. Another common problem for those with oil problems is a dry scalp. To help with the dryness, without causing more oil production, look for a shampoo that contains tea tree oil as it has a superb restorative effect on the scalp which helps take away any flaking but is also gentle enough so that it doesn’t create more oil production.



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