How To: Wellington Fashion Week – SS’14 Group Trade Showcase

AfterSebastian Professional is a major sponsor of Wellington Fashion Week, and were working behind the scenes on Friday night creating the runway hair looks for the SS’14 Group Trade Showcase.

The show featured designers The Oblivious, Philippa and Alice, highnoontea, Frantisek, Silence Was, Mardle, Love Hotel, and My Boyfriend’s Back. On the runway the model’s sported a mix of soft and strong looks, created using Sebastian Professional.

We spoke to the show’s Director and Sebastian Professional Urban Artist, Amy Alexander, to get a step-by-step guide on how to create the strong runway hair look.

Step by Step – The Strong Look:

Step 1. Section a dead straight middle part with a tail comb.

Step 2. Spray Sebastian Professional Trilliant all over to smooth the hair down.

Step 3. Take section just higher than temple, curved back to the back of the head on both sides, and clip the top section of hair away.Sebastian Professional Trilliant Spray

Step 4. Spray more Sebastian Professional Trilliant onto the side sections of the hair.

Step 5. Comb all the underneath section back into a low pony and tie away.

Step 6. Take one side at a time from top section and tightly French plait.

Step 7. Join each French plait together at the back of the head and secure into the low ponytail.

Step 8. Half the ponytail and create a puff of hair at the top.

Hot tip:
The braids really make this look, so to ensure they look their best use Sebastian Professional Trilliant to keep the look sleek and fly-aways at bay.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Images care of Brady Dyer


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