Combating Winter Frizz

winter-frizzThe morning chill is upon us and it’s extremely frustrating when you spend your precious time getting your hair perfect, only to have winter’s wrath spoil it by day’s end. Winter frizz is caused by our hair’s natural tendency to trade moisture with the air around it. In winter, too much moisture is pulled away from the hair, resulting in dry, brittle strands that are prone to puffing up and often rough to touch.

To make things worse, we are constantly changing environments in winter – moving from dry, cold outdoor air to heated indoor air, and of course battling winter wind and rain! This leaves hair with too much volume and makes it difficult to style.

But help is at hand, the new Clairol Professional Sleek Smoother range softens and moisturises the hair, smoothing the cuticle for immediately sleeker and silkier looking hair. Using a unique combination of avocado oil & wheat germ oil with Clairol Professional’s advanced Radialux Micro-ions, this mosturising range will whip frizzy hair into shape in no time.

 Sleek Smoother Shampoo RRP $16.50
The secret to eliminating frizz is to simply control your hair’s moisture balance as much as possible, starting with your shampoo. Clairol Professional Sleek Smoother Shampoo is a salon-exclusive formula which visibly smoothes unruly hair from root to tip, calming hair cuticles to ensure they keep their shape.

Sleek Smoother Conditioning Balm RRP $16.50
A leave-in conditioner is one of the best products you can use to keep hair shiny, silky, and resilient this season. Clairol Sleek Smoother Conditioning Balm is a leave-in treatment, which instantly conditions dry, frizzy hair – leaving it shiny and noticeably smoother. Use a small amount before blow-drying, and also use this product as a touch-up treatment to manage flyaways.

CL-Natalie 2012

The Clairol Professional range is available in selected salons nationwide


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