Dealing With A Sweaty Situation

01 Andre Ziehe Backstage Dolce Gabbana SS11 02Besides brushing your teeth and taking a shower, using deodorant to ward off  body odour is one of the first male grooming lessons men learn. But what exactly is BO, what causes it and what can you do to help the situation? Read on…

What Causes BO?
Body odour is caused by the rapid proliferation of bacteria when we sweat, although it is not the sweat itself that smells. The bacteria breaks sweat molecules down into acids, which releases the unpleasant scents we know as body odour.

Preventing Body Odour
Even if you don’t exercise regularly, sooner or later the body’s sweat glands will be activated, even if you just sit in an office chair for hours. Fortunately, you can take several steps including regular washing and the use of deodorant to eliminate or reduce the odour from sweating.

To Help The Problem Follow These Steps:

– Shower with soap immediately after exercise or excessive sweating whenever possible.

– Use a men’s deodorant after washing. Remember deodorant only masks the smell of BO, it doesn’t stop you from sweating.

– Apply an antiperspirant to control sweating, thus reducing bacteria numbers. Our pick is the NIVEA MEN Invisible for Black & White anti-perspirant deodorant RRP $6.99 which now has an improved anti-sweat formulation in its aerosols. This improved formula ensures you are even more protected from sweat and odour, while keeping your black and white clothes residue free for longer.

NIVEA MEN Deodorant Invisible B&W Power Aerosol


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