Hiding That Hangover

Roksander SS12 backstage beauty 2Feeling a little under the weather this morning? Whether you had one too many celebratory cocktails, or you’re simply overtired, have a Berocca and follow these tips for looking fresh as a daisy, even if you’re desperate to be back in bed.

Wake up your skin
A dull, sallow complexion is a dead giveaway that you enjoyed one too many wines last night. While you’re in the shower, exfoliate your face with a gentle scrub, massaging it in for 30 seconds to a minute. This will get the blood flowing and help you get your glow back. Just don’t use anything too harsh or abrasive as your skin will be more dehydrated than normal.

Use spoons…
An oldie but a goodie, pop a couple of spoons in the fridge (or freezer if you’re pressed for time – just make sure they’re not too cold), then place them against the puffy pillows beneath your eyes. When the spoons warm up, pop them back in the fridge and repeat the process.

Noticing those fine lines around your eyes more the morning after? They’re exacerbated by dehydration. No lotion or potion can do what putting back lost H20 can so drink up.juuce-dirty-deeds_502373458e6d4

Sort out your hair
While you might be hoping to get an extra day out of your ‘do, forget it. Hangover hair doesn’t look sexy, it just looks, well, like you’re hung over. If you’ve no time to wash, your best bet is a spritz of dry shampoo (Try: JUUCE Dirty Deeds dry shampoo RRP $24.10 unlike many dry shampoos, Juuce Dirty Deeds’ unique powder formula means it’s light and gentle on the hair), a good brush and a high ponytail to make you look wide awake and well groomed.

Knock your makeup back a notch
While it may sound counterintuitive to wear less makeup when you have more to hide, the opposite is true. Caking it on will only highlight a dehydrated face. Instead, trade heavy powders and foundations for lightweight, creamy formulas, preferably with light reflecting particles to boost your glow.

Highlight your lashes
One of the fastest ways to look instantly perkier is to curl your lashes. An essential step on days when you’re feeling tired, a couple of rounds with the eyelash curler will make the world of difference, imparting a wide-eyed look. Finish with a liberal helping of defining mascara to seal the deal.

Be prepared
OK, so it’s too late now, but next time you’re planning a night out, heed this advice: No matter what time you arrive home, always remove your makeup. If you know you’re lazy, be sure you’re stocked with facial wipes to make the job a whole lot easier. Then, apply a rich night cream to help your skin repair while you rest. In bed, sleep with an extra pillow under your head – a slightly raised position will discourage telltale puffiness the next morning.


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