Dealing With Those Bushy Eyebrows

Backstage-at-Tommy-Hilfiger-Fall-2013-Menswear-16Lets get one thing straight, having the hairy equivalent of a giant slug above your eyes isn’t good. How your eyebrows are groomed can make a considerable difference to the way your face appears. If your eyebrows are bushy, it’s time to trim them and get them under control. Follow our directions and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

1. Put the pad of your thumb between your brows. Whatever it covers has to go. Use tweezers with a slanted tip, which get a better grip on the hair and are less likely to pinch your skin.

2. Pluck after a shower. Your skin will be softer then, which makes errant hairs easier to remove.

3. Comb your brows straight up, and with a pair of snub-nosed scissors (not your ordinary kitchen scissors that you use to cut wrapping paper and open the cat food!), trim anything that sticks out above your brow line.

4. Lick the thumb and pinkie of your left hand. Starting at the middle of your brows, smooth outward.


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