A Healthy Boost For Your Scalp

shiny-hair-boosterLike quality soil is important for a blooming good garden, maintaining a healthy scalp is vital for optimal hair growth. The scalp is the birthplace of your hair and its health links directly to how beautifully, soft, shiny and healthy your hair grows.

Stressed, unhealthy scalps have insufficient circulation, which reduces the natural supply of nutrients to the hair. The scalp becomes itchy, flaky and scaly, and this disruption to the function of the hair root can even result in increased hair loss.

Clairol Professional’s Vital Booster range is the new and easy solution to keep your scalp looking and feeling its best. Harnessing the goodness of jojoba oil, caffeine and menthol, these two wonder products gently cleanse and instantly refresh stressed scalps to protect against hair loss from breakage, while also nourishing the hair root to tip.

Clairol Professional Vital Booster Shampoo RRP $16.90
Suitable for everyday use, Clairol Professional Vital Booster Shampoo softly washes hair and prepares the scalp for application of the serum. Simply massage on to wet hair, leave for a minute or two and rinse.

Clairol Professional Vital Booster Serum RRP $24.80
This specialised serum helps prevent hair loss from breakage, stimulates the scalp and supports hair growth. The deep nourishment it provides to each hair root, encourages and strengthens hair growth, which in turn increases hair sustainability. For optimal results the Clairol Professional Vital Booster Serum should be used three times a week. To use, massage the serum gently on to scalp and leave in.



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