Redcurrent Supports Endometriosis NZ

iphone cover - pink flower 1MGNearly six per cent of New Zealand’s female population suffers from a debilitating disease called endometriosis – that’s around 130,000 women and girls of child-bearing age. It just so happens my older sister is a suffer so I know exactly how horrible this disease can be.

Symptoms of crippling menstrual and pelvic pain and difficulty with conception can greatly affect not only “endo” sufferers but also their loved ones and families. It is a condition that affects women from all walks of life and in many cases remains undiagnosed for years so women end up suffering unnecessarily.

Now a special alignment has been formed between Endometriosis NZ and New Zealand retailer Redcurrent to raise awareness of the condition.

According to co-founder Rebecca Kain, Redcurrent became involved with Endometriosis NZ on the suggestion of one of its store managers who is a sufferer.

“Sharing, acts of kindness and a love of timeless beauty represent the essence of Redcurrent,” Rebecca says. “They are all elements that have been handed down over three generations of my family and something that we very much support in how we operate.

“A significant number of our staff are endo sufferers. We hope that by raising the profile of endo and promoting the resource of Endometriosis NZ early diagnosis rates will improve as will the lives of Kiwi girls and women.”

Redcurrent’s love of sharing is brought to life this month with limited edition iPhone covers on sale at all Redcurrent stores in support of Endometriosis Awareness Month.

The covers are sourced from the exotic outskirts of Asia and designed exclusively for Redcurrent. Half of the proceeds from their sale go to Endometriosis NZ. The funds will be used to help maintain the Endometriosis NZ national support service such as the 0800 free phone helpline and online service.

The limited edition phone covers retail for $29.50 and are available for iPhone versions 4, 4S and 5 from 22 February 2013 until stocks last. They are avalialbe at the Redcurrent stores throughout New Zealand and at the Redcurrent online store.

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2 responses to “Redcurrent Supports Endometriosis NZ

  1. I have just had surgery for endo. My surgeon said it was the worst he had seen in years. I am so thankful for finally getting diagnosed and treated. I had cronic pain, unable to have a sexual relationship with my partner and a lot of people who didnt believe me. I insist that if this sounds like you, get medical treatment and dont stop until you get the help you need. Dr jose roman was my surgeon, he is thoughful, respectful and sensitive to his patients. I recomend any woman with this cripling disease to go and see him. I only waited six weeks after my diagnosis from him until I had surgery. I feel like a new and whole woman again!

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