ECOYA Just Add Candlelight Campaign

ECOYA Just Add Candlelight_1Renowned Australian fashion photographer Jez Smith has teamed up with members of the Sydney Dance Company, all in the name of fragranced candles.

Jez was approached by ECOYA, to shoot the provocative assignment for the latest ad campaign for the leading Australasian fragrance house.

The ‘Just Add Candlelight’ campaign features two dancers from The Sydney Dance Company, dripping in warm ECOYA wax and embracing each other in a number of romantic, sometimes evocative positions, illustrating the seductive tone that natural candle-light can create.

Jez Smith says, “I initially wanted to be involved with this job because the brief was unique and so challenging. We cast the dancers because we needed models who were able to create sensual shapes and at the same time control their bodies.

“There were technical complexities of creating the on-camera wax. It was a lot of hard work, but the entire crew’s patience and perseverance paid off and we got a great result.”

“Taking time out of our often de-personalised lives, lighting a candle and igniting a special moment is important in our day to day lives,” says ECOYA CEO Stephen Sinclair.

The campaign is being rolled out globally in-store, through print and billboard advertising.

ECOYA Just Add Candlelight_3


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