How To: Vera Wang NYFW 2013

M Vera Wang FW 2013 -5“The hair look for Vera Wang this season is quite different, and steers away from anything that looks too done,” explained Paul Hanlon for Moroccanoil, who created the styles for the Vera Wang Fall 2013 Collection. “The focus is more on textural detail and embellishment that creates a look that is fresh, young, sexy, and cool.”

“The styles evoke the attitude of a slightly ‘dangerous’ girl – perhaps a little bit Kate Moss, with a 60’s feel in line with Charlotte Gainsbourg.”

 How To: 

• “The overall natural look was mirrored by a very natural process, with no brushes or combs used unless knots or snags needed to be taken out,” explained Hanlon.

• “The starting point is a center part, but this should not be too severe. It needs to be a bit messy to reflect the type of girl in mind – with hair looking languid and softly put through.”

• “I prepped the hair by first wetting it down, and applied Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse (available exclusively in the U.S.) working it all the way through and to the ends.”

• “Once this was done, I dried it off delicately with a hair dryer. The important thing here is to use just the hands to twist the hair lightly in big sections. This gives the hair a really lovely natural foundation and movement.”

• “After the hair has been dried, this soft movement was further emphasized at the front and around the face, and I used a big curling iron to create a bit more of a wave. For some models, I used Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium to hold interesting textural motion in place, without seeming as if there was any product in the hair.”

• “For those with shorter layers at the front, we added in a few extensions to give length since an essential part of the look is to have movement flowing over the face and eyes.”

• “Finally, we again separated the hair’s texture, especially at the ends, so that it interacted with the face and fell off the shoulders. Depending upon the natural hair type of the model, I used Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream to separate clusters of strands. We then lightly sprayed the look with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium for a moveable hold.”

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