Beautiful People: Karen Murrell

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Early on in my beauty career I was lucky enough to interview Karen Murrell, Creative Director of Karen Murrell Lipsticks and now 3 or so years on I have the pleasure of interviewing this beautiful lady again. This time around we talk ‘must have’ lipsticks and her plans for the future.

1. What was the inspiration behind Karen Murrell Lipsticks?

I find inspiration in so many things – from the beautiful country we live in, my travels around the world, literature, fashion, flowers and nature to my (and other peoples) moods. In fact, pretty much everything inspires me in some way, which helps keep my range fresh and exciting. Having a great space to think creatively is also a big bonus.

2. What makes you different to other beauty companies

I like to think it lies in my elements of design. I had a really tight brief for myself when creating my range of lipsticks which I believe I have pretty much nailed! This included 1. Touch – lipstick must glide on smoothly and make lips feel nourished, 2. Smell – lipstick must smell great, 3. Wear – lipstick must not rub off and wear well, 4. Hue – strong natural hues that don’t change from person to person.

3. Why is it so important to you that your lipsticks are natural?

Not surprisingly, lipsticks are the most ingested of all cosmetics. That’s why I cannot fathom placing a lipstick that is laden with chemicals on my lips. It was natural or nothing as far as I was concerned. My key challenge was to design a natural lipstick that was comparable if not better than a mainstream lipstick. I believe I have done that!

4. What are your ‘must have’ lipstick colours and why?

My everyday staple is Carnation Mist – this shade goes with everything! I also love Rymba Rhythm for evening. Nothing says glamour like a bold red lipstick!

5. Your lipsticks have the most beautiful packaging, how did that come about?

Thank you! I had been working in China and was taken with the way even the most simplest of things were packaged so beautifully. This was something I knew I wanted to incorporate into my range and pass onto my customers. While in China I purchased a small picture for my graphic designer. The box this gift was packaged in pulled apart and was our inspiration for the Karen Murrell lipstick packaging.

6. What lies ahead for you and Karen Murrell Lipsticks

I am very excited about the future. We have just commenced retailing in Australia which is growing at an alarming rate and design-wise we have some very exciting colour ranges to launch this year – keep your eyes peeled for those!


 Karen Murrell Lipsticks are available at selected pharmacies and health food stores nationwide. For more information or to locate your nearest stockist, please visit or call toll free 0508 600 400.


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