How To: Alexander Wang NYFW 2013

_DSC0313 (2)Redken Global Styling Director Guido created a dramatic, shiny, two-toned ponytail for the Fall 2013 Alexander Wang show. The sleek, even extreme hair complemented the modern fur and leather filled collection, and worked perfectly both on it’s own and under the designer’s mohair hoods that some of the models wore down the runway.

“The almost fakeness of this look is part of the appeal, it’s very cosmetic, and you see the complete vision when you see how it works with the clothes. There’s an extreme difference in color from the crown and the ponytail, and the color of the extensions [which Guido aptly named “Cognac”] was based on the haircolor of one of my new favorite models, Irena Kravchenko. By pulling the hair all back in such an extreme way you’re almost taking away the girls’ personalities in a sense, it really unifies them and looks almost clone-like and very futuristic when they’re all together. It’s very exposing, and while many women don’t often pull their hair back this dramatically, it’s amazing how elegant it can look and how effective it can be as a dramatic look for a night out.”

How To:

– Start with dry hair blow-dried straight, then wet the crown and apply a generous amount of Stand Tough RRP$33 extreme strong gel throughout the crown.

– After applying the gel, comb the crown straight back for a clean, sleek shape with no part and pull into a very low ponytail at the base of the neck.

– Pull a thick section of the ponytail and wrap around the elastic. (This was also where Guido attached hair extensions at the show, and he wrapped a section of the hair extensions around the elastic.)

– Flatiron entire ponytail in sections until stick straight.

– Emulsify Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense RRP$45 in your palms and apply all over the crown of the head for extra shine.

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