Your 2013 Hair Guide

long-hairThe start of a new year is all about reinvention. So, between overhauling your diet and rethinking your career, kick-start your transformation with a killer new do. Whether it’s a total restyle or a slight refresher, Sebastian Professional Urban Artist from Renya Xydis City, Ryan Mitchell, is here to guide us through the essential hair dos and don’ts for 2013.

Chop Shop
Long the go-to for Hollywood A-listers wanting a drastic change of image, 2013 is again going to be no stranger to the chop. If the year is calling for an altogether new you, take your inspiration from LA’s leading ladies and take drastic measures – these starlets know how to make headlines. “With celebs like Miley Cyrus, Evan Rachel Wood and Anne Hathaway joining the crop club, losing your length has never been sexier,” says Ryan.

So, with pixie cuts and crops remaining big for the year ahead, how do you stand out from the crowd? “The trick is to opt for something different than a traditional pixie. Go for something cool like a long fringe that you can wear down or swept up into a quiff. Or if you’re confident, try a traditionally men’s style like a pageboy with an undercut. The shaved back and sides looks amazing on ultra-feminie girls.”

Before committing to a chop though, Ryan suggests taking into consideration your facial shape and structure. While most faces can work a short style, he recommends taking on expert advice in choosing a cut that complements your face shape. “Oval shapes can work a short fringed pixie cut, while on a square face, leaving greater length in the front works best – always consult a skilled professional to ensure you end up with a style that suits.

To style boyish looks, invest in pliable stylers like Sebastian Professional Microweb Fiber and Matte Putty. “These types of products are great for allowing you to layer and shape hair with an elastic-type texture that allows for maximum flexibility.”

From the runway shows to the red carpet, fringes of all types have been showing up everywhere. For those non-committal New Year types, Ryan advises that fringes are the perfect way to update your look without drastically altering your hair. If you’re looking to make a statement in 2013, Ryan recommends a short, choppy fringe as the style to opt for. “Bangs instantly add an extra element to your style, while serving to frame your face, highlight bone structure and give your look a fashion-forward edge.”

To avoid struggling with a wayward fringe, Ryan suggests blow-drying it into obedience with Sebastian Professional Trilliant. Its unique weightless formula will give your fringe ultra-light body while leaving it with a smooth shine finish to keep shape 100428_trilliant_mainlocked in. Keep a mini hair straightener in your desk drawer at work too – perfect for touching up pesky flyaways before heading out the door.

With the glamour of the 50s influencing the looks of past years – thanks mainly to an obsession with Mad Men – we’re stepping back in time a few decades for 2013. This year, it’s going to be all about the 20s. “Dainty dresses, reduced waistlines and all things Great Gatsby are not only inspiring catwalk fashions, but are shaping hair looks too. From subtle hints to full on flapper ‘dos, this trend is only going to get bigger as the year progresses.”

From Katy Perry to Jason Wu’s S/S 2013 runway hair, Ryan advises you to embrace the trend – but make it your own. “You don’t have to go for a full on finger wave to wear to work every day, if you have a bob, get it cut a little more bluntly, with some slight length at the front. Or on longer hair, tuck the length up to create the illusion of a shorter style and wear it with some waves and body.”

For your 1920’s toolkit, Ryan suggests using stylers like Sebastian Stylixer, Texturizer and Liquid Steel. These all provide a strong hold and are perfect for emulating sleek dapper styles.

Long and Luscious
If you are a lover of length, then your look of choice also gets a look-in for the year ahead. “Long hair never goes out of style and 2013 is no different”, says Ryan. Take your inspiration from the tresses of Lana Del Rey, Blake Lively and Olivia Palermo – Ryan advises that the look for the New Year is healthy polished locks with solid shapes. Ask your stylist for subtle layering and rich glossy colours that bring out increased vibrancy and shine.

“For long hair to be beautiful it needs to be healthy”, advises Ryan. To ensure your locks are beautifully fortified, he suggests indulging in a Sebastian Professional Hydre Treatment once a week to ensure your hair is in optimum condition from root to tip.

So whether 2013 has you favouring the dapper styles of the 1920’s or something more drastic like a pageboy cut, make heads turn and kick off the New Year in stunning catwalk style.


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