Gorgeously Groomed Guys

dior-homme-mens-backstage-autumn-fall-wter-2012-pfw21Tired of grabbing the same old tub of gel out of your bathroom cabinet, only to create the same old hairstyle you’ve had for the last few years? The world has moved on guys! There’s exciting new styling solutions available now, to help you bring your style up to date!

One of the most innovative new hair styling products is Clairol Professional Fiber Transformation: Fiber Gum, a moisturising gum with an extra-strong hold. What makes this product so special is its 3D-Sculpt micro-polymers, which have fiber forming abilities and natural waxes, allowing you to create definition with controlled separation of each individual hair strand.

There are two ways to use this gum; either work a small amount of product between hands and apply to damp hair to create adventurous styles that stay in place all day long. Or use the fibres to their maximum effect on dry hair, by working a small amount of product between your hands before pulling hands apart to create fibres.CL-Natalie 2012

For those requiring a more flexible hold, Clairol Professional Dual Ego is another new multitasking product, which uniquely provides both the services of a professional gel and a wax, allowing infinite styling options!

Use as a gel on damp hair to mould and sculpt hair into a sleek, sexy style. Or as a wax onto dry hair for flexible, long lasting styles. Dual Ego also keeps hair moisturised from root to tip all day long, has a flake-free formula and washes out easily.


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