Your Summer Hair Revival Guide that extra time spent hitting the beach, lazing by the pool and soaking up the sun can leave your hair feeling worse for wear by the end of the summer season. It’s an annual battle and if you’ve found yourself at war with dull, damaged locks that refuse to look lush, it’s time to revive and replenish your tresses. To help your hair on the road to recovery, Sebastian Professional Urban Artist, Nadine Johns-Alcock, gives you the tips to get healthy, glossy and brilliant hair once more.

Take A Time Out
Remember when you had the time to soak in a hot tub and soothe your body, mind and soul? Well it’s time to get back to basics and make a date with yourself to go beyond the dutiful wash-and-go, putting the moisture back into your dried out locks with Hydre Treatment. Quenching your hair’s thirst, when used once or twice a week this rich masque works to rejuvenate and replenish hair, leaving it more manageable and with reinstated health and shine.

Go Naturelle
No one wants their hair to wind up looking like a frazzled mess, so it’s time to give your hair a break from those heat styling tools. But being without your favourite straightener doesn’t mean your hair will be left like a birds nest. In the nick of time you can create a flawless and uncomplicated look with Potion 9. Infused with nine botanical extracts to deeply nourish hair, this wearable styling treatment can be left in damp hair to dry naturally, creating stunning texture and control.

Sheer Brilliance
After summer it’s almost guaranteed that your hair colour will have fizzled out. So on your quest to revive your battered locks, consider indulging yourself and reviving your colour. Nothing looks better than a brilliant new hue that sparkles with vibrance, which is where Sebastian Professional Cellophanes comes in. Cellophanes is an in-salon protein colour treatment that gives hair a shine so vibrant that it literally shimmers. Enriched with botanical proteins, the Cellophanes treatment infuses into your hair with heat to seal in colour and strength, leaving it incredibly shiny and healthy. Available in nine shades across blonde, brunette, red and clear, you’ll find the perfect shade to revive any look.

Play It Safe
Even when your hair is back in top condition, you need to keep it that way! From blow-drying to curling and everything in between, your hair goes through a lot in the name of styling. So give your tresses the protection they need to stay hydrated and smooth with Trilliant. Sebastian Professional’s number one shine enhancing product delivers polish, body and heat protection all in one – meaning you can be sure your hair will stay silky smooth when styling, no matter what you put it through.

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