A New Year And A New You With Raw Juicing

phd2Start the new year with a new you thanks to the benefits of raw juicing.

James was an established personal trainer at the Les Mills gym in Auckland and Richie was working in the Military as a Navy Diver. Both of the jobs took their toll – constant training and being ‘on the go’ did not mix well with their work hard, play harder philosophy. Looking for a solution to replenish their body and soul they stumbled across the benefits of raw juicing and decided to give it a go.

The juice cleanse worked incredibly well, however the kitchen juicing sessions, did not. The effort required to make six different fresh juices everyday for 3 days was…well as they say…not worth the squeeze!

A simple online search to find a local supplier revealed that whilst Juice Cleansing had a huge following throughout the world, there was a gap in the New Zealand market. Realising that there could be opportunity for everyone to try this system without the hassle of preparation and clean up they set about establishing ‘Pure Health Delivered’ – PHD.

Our bodies are all exposed to harmful toxins which we ingest and inhale on a daily basis. A few common sources of these toxins include household sprays/cleaners, food additives, exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke. Once these toxins enter our body they are usually stored in the fat cells where they will stay until a detoxification process can take place. Our bodies are designed to detoxify naturally however, without adequate nutrients in your system the detoxification can be slow and impaired.

PHD Cleanse can help to accelerate the natural process of eradicating and eliminating toxins from your body by providing essential nutrients and stimulants required to promote an efficient digestive system. The simple 3 or 5 day detox diet plan will have you feeling rejuvenated, and energized and sporting a healthy glow!

Unlike most ‘off the shelf’ cleanses, a juice cleanse requires the ingredients to be freshly pressed, and raw in order to reap the benefits of its ‘live’ enzymes. In fact, the enzymes in the PHD Cleanse are only active for around 72 hours so they freshly cold-press the juice and continue chilling it until delivered. It is very important for you to keep your PHD Cleanse chilled until just before consuming it, this will keep the active enzymes, vitamins and minerals ‘alive’ for as long as possible so that they can go to work on making you feel great!

The PHD system will also nourish your body, one daily system can contain anywhere up to 1200 calories ensuring you have enough energy to carry out your daily routine.

If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms then a PHD Cleanse could be just what you need to accelerate the detoxification process in your system.

  • Lacking in energy
  • Feeling fatiqued
  • Storing excess weight
  • Low energy and tiredness
  • Digestive problems including bloating, wind, constipation, diarrhea
  • Poor sleeping patterns/broken sleep
  • Poor concentration
  • Cellulite
  • Frequent illness ie colds
  • Skin problems/ acne/rashes
  • Headaches

For more info or to order your PHD Cleanse click here.


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