The Long And Short Of It…

monobrowbackstageNicky Shore of OFF Wax and Brow Bar who have just won BEST WAX for the fourth year running in Metro’s annual Best of Auckland Awards muses on all things hairy…

When you meet someone for the first time, there is usually one distinguishing facial feature that draws your attention first. When I met my husband it was his flaming red hair (Gotta love the ginger right?). Novels, poems and pop songs all talk about the first glance in association to ‘beautiful blue eyes, luscious lips or luminous skin’. However I am yet to come across a pop tune that used the line ‘with your nose hair flowing so free’ or ‘your bewitching black moustache that cast its spell on me’. It is the preverbial pink elephant that cluster of hair sprouting out from someone’s chin like those alfalfa sock things we used to cultivate at school. Like a moth to the flame our gaze usually locks on this and overlooks the rest, leaving us as Austin Powers when he spots ‘moley, moley, moley’.

When Paul Henry pointed out ‘that was a lady with a moustache’ and was met with outrage it had me puzzled. He was stating the obvious, however this was offensive. What was more concerning is that this poor women’s friends had not sat her down to discuss this with her rather than sending her out into the media limelight with the caterpillar on her lip? Lip waxing is by far one of the most common treatments we do at OFF. There is no and should be no taboo with it, it is a fact of life that a lot of women get hair on their lip due to hormonal, ageing or just hereditary reasons. There are lots of methods of dealing to it, including waxing but really – it is NO big deal, unless you go on national television with a moustache evidently.

I want to lift the lid on what we often call the ‘sneaky patches’ here at OFF. These are the places that people may be a little off-waxsensitive about because they don’t think it is common, however I am here to say it is completely normal to have a bit of hair in your ears, nose, stomach, chin, lip and elsewhere.

Nose hair is a ‘curly’ one (excuse the pun) that we often deal with at the wax bar. Nose hairs that protrude are so painful to pluck which is why I think so many people try to trim or just let nature take its course. However with one quick movement and much less pain all the offenders can be removed from the premises quicker than you can say bless you. Another common procedure for guys is an ear wax – a step towards avoiding becoming the old man with the sprouting ears – you know like ‘Sam the Eagle’ from the Muppet Show?

Ever noticed hairs on your digits – well I guess you will now. Waxing fingers and toes is also a very common extension to leg and arm waxing but again no big deal. I guess this is the crux of it… not trying to sound all Forest Gump, but ‘hair just grows’. Evolution has not really got any better and so us homo sapiens have developed our own solutions to combating the superfluous hair, one of which is waxing (which is good news for OFF!).

OFF Wax and Brow Bar has 3 locations in Auckland, Takapuna, New Market and the brand new Britomart store. For more info or to make a booking please click here!


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