How To: Glitter Tips

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun which means there’s nothing like a bit of tinsel looking glitter on your nails to get you into the feminine, festive spirit. Follow this super easy how to for glittery digits in no time.

You’ll Need:
Tape, 1 x glitter polish, 1 x nail polish in a colour of your choice, base coat, top coat

How To:

1. Paint a base coat onto each nail. This will help the polish glide on smoothly.

2. Paint each nail with the colour of your choice, 2 – 3 coats will do the trick and then let it dry completely.

3. Cut out a piece of tape and stick it down on each nail, leaving out the very tip of your nail where you’ll paint on the glitter. Paint on glitter to the bare tip, I love Orly Watch It Glitter, allow the polish to go on the tape if need be. Let this dry completely (usually 5 – 10 minutes) before removing the tape.

4. Finish with a top coat to preserve the longevity of the mani and add some shine.

Orly Watch It Glitter

Orly Watch It Glitter RRP $24.99  


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