Golden Tips For Summer Skin

The summer season is fast approaching and tempts us with shorter hemlines, longer days and impulsive weekend getaways. However, summer can also be unforgiving on your skin, leaving it feeling dry and lacking in moisture so start preparing now for perfect summer skin.

Your road to gorgeous summer skin begins in the shower! Apply a small amount of body wash like the JOHNSON’S Extra Rich Moisturising Cream Body Wash onto a wet cleansing puff and massage over your body into a creamy lather. This nourishing formula will hydrate your skin to make it feel silky smooth all day. The intense conditioners work together with natural moisturisers to help make your skin supple and reduce flakiness and dryness.

The next step in your summer routine is to moisturise. The sun can dry out even the oiliest of skin types so this is an essential step. Wrap your skin in soothing hydration with JOHNSON’S® Extra Rich Body Lotion. The luxuriously smooth texture protects your skin with 24 hour moisturisation, reducing skin tightness, flakiness and refreshing dull looking skin for noticeably soft delicious summer skin.

Hop Tip: Moisturise in circular motions across the body. This will make your skin absorb the lotion better and the massage movements are good for your skin’s elasticity.

Now that your skin is looking and feeling summer ready add these golden beauty super foods to your shopping list for ultimate skin nourishment and hydration.

Oranges and lemons: Aside from being essential to collagen production, Vitamin C from these fruits help protect your skin from UV damage and can help prevent skin from becoming dull.

Papayas: These give your skin a rich source of antioxidant Vitamin C and E that help protect skin against free radicals known to cause damage that leads to wrinkles.

Mangos: These golden delicacies are rich in Vitamin A (beta carotene), a strong antioxidant that helps in preserving the healthy appearance of your skin.

Pineapples: Add these to your diet this summer. They contain fruit acids called alpha-hydroxy acids that help your skin re-establish the natural exfoliation and cell renewal process to reveal a natural healthy glow.


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