Stay Hotter For Longer

When the summer weather is in full swing, it’s hard not to sweat and swim your makeup right off. But with these simple tips you’ll be better prepared, and better looking for longer!

–          The best precaution you can take towards preventing makeup-slipage is a good base. A primer that evens out your complexion, controls sebum and helps your makeup stay in place is just what the doctor ordered.

–          Keep your makeup to a minimum, or at least stick to neutral shades on areas such as your eyes and lips. Any fading caused by the heat will be less noticeable.

–          If you want a flushed glow on your cheeks, try a cheek stain. They are longer lasting and won’t slide off under the sun or in the water.

–          Choose a breathable foundation, or better yet opt for a tinted moisturiser. They give your complexion a touch of colour, SPF protection and a light coverage all in one.

–          Carry blotting paper with you so you can dab off any excess oil and moisture during the day.

–          A waterproof mascara will be your best bet against melting lashes. We love the BECCA Ultimate Mascara RRP $54.00, this advanced, water-resistant, micro-tubing mascara lengthens and thickens lashes while the conical shaped brush curls, lifts and separates in one easy coat.

–          Refresh your complexion with a hydrating mist. While you may think that spraying yourself with ‘water’ will only further disappear your makeup, the truth is that hydrating mists are formulated to refresh while also keeping your makeup in place. Try the La Mav Rosa Damascena Hydrating Mist RRP $54.90, it’s the is the perfect skincare companion, formulated specifically to instantly refresh and revitalise the skin.  Housed in a specially designed spritzer pump, this gentle alcohol-free toner mist goes straight to work to rebalance the skin’s pH and stimulate its natural radiance with a combination of refreshing and revitalising natural ingredients.


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