How To: Apply Powder Blush

Applying blush at first can be tricky, but it’s all about being patient and using the right tools. You want to make sure you’re using the right blush brush — preferably, you want a brush that’s dense enough to pick up colour but still fluffy enough to deposit it softly. You may also want a buffing brush on standby for any mistakes!

Step 1.
Finish prepping the skin and let all products sink in/dry. Whether you’re just wearing moisturiser, tinted moisturiser, or foundation, you want all these products to be applied before you to get to blush.

Step 2.
Taking a slightly fluffy, dense brush, gently tap it into your blush compact.

Step 3.
SMILE! The easiest way to find the apples of your cheeks is to smile really big–you’ll see them pop out at you as compared to when your face is relaxed.

Step 4.
Gently tap the blush brush onto the apples of your cheek, starting from the roundest portion and tapping lightly upwards and towards your temple.

Step 5.
Do a sweep from the apple to the temple to diffuse and blend the colour together.

Step 6.
If it’s not intense enough, repeat. If it’s too bright, you can either lightly sweep upwards with your blush brush or use a buffing brush to buff some of the colour out.

We Love:

Shiseido Limited Edition Camellia Compact RRP $74.00 on counter December 3rd 2012.
To celebrate Shiseido’s 140 year anniversary they have launched a limited edition face powder inspired by their famous camellia logo. The different shades can be worn individually or blended together. The icy platinum shade can be used as a highlighter along the top of the cheeks to brighten and enhance the complexion. The carnation-pink shade can be applied to the apples of the cheeks to give a natural, glowing radiance. The rich rose shade can be used to give a pop of colour for a more vivid, dramatic look.



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