The Buzz About Bee Venom

Anti-ageing miracle ingredient bee venom is the hottest natural skincare ingredient on the market. Used by royalty and celebrities alike it’s an effective, sustainable, natural ingredient that has visible anti-ageing results when used in conjunction with advanced skincare technology.

Active bee venom has been referred to as nature’s alternative to Botox. It is highly effective in skincare because it triggers skin to release collagen, to plump skin and elastin, which firms skin. It has instantly visible lifting and firming effects.

A world first, SAViQ has introduced the only complete organic range of skincare products to include active bee venom. The New Zealand purified bee venom is bee friendly and completely safe and they are also the only EcoCert certified organic range in New Zealand.

SAViQ skincare expert, Megan  Pausma says,“The SAViQ range of products provides the most effective anti-ageing skincare results I have ever seen – without the need for needles or plastic surgery. Results are visible and sustained. SAViQ is a combination  of all the key things a modern woman looks for in skincare, visible results, long term effectiveness and the reassurance what she is putting on her skin is natural and organic.” Megan  has extensive experience working  for high-end beauty brands including Estée Lauder, Clarins, Shiseido, La Prairie and Guerlain. With over 30 years experience in the beauty industry, Megan has been involved in the development and refining of the SAViQ range, to ensure products reach a high standard of effectiveness.

Each product in the SAViQ range is categorised by the intensity of active bee venom it contains by an exclusive BVA™ (Bee Venom Activity) level. The level of BVA™ varies according to the intended anti-ageing function of the formulation on skin. The higher the BVA™, the more powerful the lifting and tightening action.

Our picks from the range are:

Bee Venom Night Creme (BVA+5) RRP $54.95
SAViQ Bee Venom Night Crème is enriched with shea butter, plant extract and manuka honey  for luxuriously soft skin. It also contains  the antioxidant power of vitamin E to help protect skin against free radical damage. Additional ingredient pea extract contains vital amino acids and proteins necessary for the production of collagen and elastin.

Bee Venom Serum (BVA+7) RRP $79.95
This serum is light, silky and easily absorbed. It travels deep to the dermis layer to correct imperfections caused by ageing. The formula is specially designed  to  support  micro-cellular renewal giving a visibly radiant complexion. Contains blackberry extract – another collagen enhancer- and milk protein  – a natural moisturiser and firming  agent proven  to dramatically reduce wrinkle depth and volume. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture into the skin for 24-hour  hydration.


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