Product Love: The Aromatherapy Company MAN range

The MAN range from The Aromatherapy Company is blended with 100% pure and natural essential oils combined with botanical extracts. These blends are specially formulated for men and will nourish and soothe the most sensitive of skin.

The Aromatherapy Co. MAN Exfoliating Daily Facial Cleanser RRP $15.00 (200ml)
This MAN Daily Facial Cleanser is a natural alternative, specially formulated to cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin. Containing the 100% pure and natural essential oils of Lime and Mandarin, this cleanser will help to remove dead skin cells while retaining the skin’s natural balance.

The Aromatherapy Co. MAN Moisturising Shaving Cream RRP $15.00 (200ml)
This MAN Moisturising Shaving Cream is a natural alternative specially formulated to moisturise and protect the skin whilst shaving. Enriched with menthol, this balm naturally encourages the opening of the pores and softening of the hair follicles to aid a smoother shave.

The Aromatherapy Co. MAN Nourishing Face & Body Balm RRP $19.00 (500ml)
This MAN Face & Body Balm has been specially formulated to soothe, calm and protect the face and body every day. Containing the 100% pure and natural essential oils of Vanilla Cocoa Spice and Manuka Honey, the MAN Face & Body Balm is a deeply nourishing treat for the skin.

The Aromatherapy Company home fragrance and body care ranges are available at leading department stores nationwide. To locate your nearest stockist or for further information click here.

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