How To: Moochi Summer 2012 Collection

The moment I laid eyes on the Moochi Summer 2012 hair and makeup look I was obsessed – it is summer beauty at it’s best. The hair look was created by Shannon for d&m and the makeup look by Sarika for M.A.C Cosmetics. Thanks to Moochi we were lucky enough to get the ‘how to’ from the artists themselves and they are surprisingly easy, check them out below.

How To: Hair

1. Prep hair by blow drying in a few spritzes (approx 5) of ‘DAVINES MELU thermal protective shield‘.

2. I used the ‘Babyliss 3pronged styler‘ to achieve Ella’s waves but there are a few different brands out there. Clamp the styler down starting at the roots and working toward the ends of the hair in 1 inch thick sections starting at the nape of the head and working upwards.

3. When you have completed the waving, spray hair with ‘MOROCCANOIL Luminous Hairspray‘ a flexible hold, residue free and totally brushable hairspray that I love working with.

4.I thoroughly brushed out Ella’s waves with a paddle brush to separate sections, don’t worry if the hair becomes fluffy, you can settle that down later.

5. I used a braid called the ‘waterfall’ on the top section of Ella’s hair, this could be a bit tricky on oneself so you might like to use a small french braid or a couple of random plaits to alter this look.

6. Now to tame it and ‘beach it up’. Using ‘DAVINES Wizard No 14 sea salt primer‘ spritz all over hair approx 6-10 pumps, 15cms away from head.(Tipping your head upside down can help get the product into your underneath layers). Scrunch into hair with hands to promote texture and separation.

Hot Tip: Let Sea salt dry for a minute or two before adding more, as it dries it becomes more mattified. This Style is meant to look relaxed.

7. When Happy with your result give your hair a final spray of ‘MOROCCANOIL Luminous Hairspray‘.

How To: Makeup

1. To achieve natural glowing skin for Ella, I applied M.A.C Prep & Prime Natural Radiance all over the face, the perfect primer to add a radiant healthy look to olive to dark skin.

2. To lightly even out the tone of Ellas skin and keep it looking like its her own, I applied (with a M.A.C #190 Foundation brush) M.A.C Face & Body Foundation and set with Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder to set the foundation and remove excess shine (It’s like photoshop in a powder!)

3. To create an edgy, playful colorful eye line, I used M.A.C PRO Rich Purple and Primary Yellow Chromalines with a MAC #210 Eyeliner brush to ensure a tidy line with clean edges.

4. For an electric bright neon, two-toned lip apply M.A.C PRO Magenta Lipmix and blend M.A.C PRO Orange Lipmix through the centre of the lip. You can also try this with M.A.C Morange and Girl About Town lipsticks.

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