The Importance Of Massage

Healers from all walks of life have been using the remedial benefits of massage for thousands of years and while we would all agree that massage makes us feel good, many people don’t know the amazing benefits regular massage can have on their overall health and wellbeing. Massage is too often treated as a luxury and while an hour of remedial touch is fabulously pampering, using massage therapy as part of your regular wellness program is essential and surprisingly effective when it comes to enhancing your health.

Whether a massage is sports specific, remedial or purely for relaxation, regular treatment has a cumulative effect and can reduce stress, improve performance, prevent and eliminate injury, aid recovery and even enhance your metabolism and circulation. Immediately after a massage you can feel the invigorating effects of healing taking place deep within your body. Among a raft of other health benefits, massage boosts blood and lymphatic circulation and drainage, aids repair of soft tissue damage and may reduce the effects of stress – which can be related to migraines, anxiety, hypertension and depression. As far as holistic therapies go, they don’t get much more complete than a good massage from a trained professional!

The dedicated team of expertly trained and experienced massage therapists at Revival Massage Therapy specialise in remedial massage, deep tissue work, sports and pregnancy massage as well as trigger point therapy and reflexology. Owner Viv Butler says that no matter what your budget allows, a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly massage will see you on the road to an enhanced level of wellness after the very first massage, “we have clients from all walks of life at our clinic and after a consultation with one of our Massage Therapists anyone can have a treatment plan that is tailored to their physical needs as well as their budget”.

Get in touch with Viv and her team today to discuss your needs or book online at or phone 021816338.

All new clients will receive 30% off their first 60-minute massage at Revival Massage Therapy if you mention this article when booking your appointment!


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