The All New Cloud Nine Micro Wand

Introducing the brand new Cloud Nine Micro Wand – all you need for loose, bouncy and tight curls at the touch of a button.

The Cloud Nine Micro Wand is designed to give you professional curls, whatever your hair type, whatever your style, incorporating all the technology and innovation you’d expect from Cloud Nine. The innovative new Micro Wand has two temperature settings to cater for different hair types, and its unique secret ingredient within the barrel gives your hair added shine and lustre.

Unique features and benefits

• Temperature control panel. With LOW and HIGH heat options and tapered design, you can create loose, big and bouncy or tight curls whatever your hair type.

• The Barrel. The barrel incorporates innovative technology that adds shine and vitality to your hair every time you use it.

• Swivel cord. Forget twisted cords forever. Thanks to the revolutionary swivel cord, you can enjoy incredible freedom of movement when styling your hair, allowing you to create wonderful curls without getting tangled.

• Heat guard. As soon as you’re finished using your Cloud Nine Micro Wand, you can slip on the protective heat guard and allow it to cool down, knowing that you’ve left it safely resting.

• Hibernation mode. An important safety feature on your Cloud Nine Micro Wand is the hibernation mode. This intelligent sleep technology automatically kicks in when The Micro Wand has been switched on, but not used, for 30 minutes. It will then cool down, and only reheat once you’ve switched it off and on again.

• RFID chip. The state-of-the-art RFID chip allows us to identify each product, protecting you and your product from fraud or mis-selling. The Cloud Nine Micro Wand can be tracked and monitored throughout its working life to ensure it’s a genuine product.

Cloud Nine Micro Wand RRP $250. For sockists call Boutique Brands on 0800 25 25 30


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