Red Door Aura

One of our fave fragrances for summer is the new Elizabeth Arden Red Door Aura. Below is a Q&A with perfumer, Carlos Benaim to tell us more about the fragrance.

How would you describe the Red Door Aura fragrance?
Stylish. Elegant. Luxurious. It’s a dazzling Floral Bouquet, a new expression of Elizabeth Arden’s iconic signature Red Door.

What are the key notes and ingredients in the Red Door Aura fragrance?
The fragrance opens with a sparkling introduction of Luscious Raspberry and Sicilian Bergamot. The heart maintains the timeless signature of Red Door but is made more youthful using luminous accents of Orange Flower and a more ethereal quality of Jasmine. The richness of the drydown has also been revisited with a more contemporary sensual woody musky back and addictive creaminess.

Where did you find your inspiration when creating Red Door Aura?
The classic Red Door was my primary inspiration. I wanted to capture its ‘aura’ and transform it into a new creation for today’s woman. I used newer materials to make the fragrance younger with a softer sensuality.

Who should wear it?
I think any woman who is looking for a fragrance of quality that is ultra-feminine will enjoy wearing Red Door Aura. The versatile character of this fragrance makes it desirable for both Red Door aficionados, and women who may have never smelled it before!

What feelings do you want the fragrance to convey?
I wanted the fragrance to convey feelings of joy, youthfulness, self-confidence and effortless beauty.

Red Door Aura has a very youthful style to it. Was it intentional?
It certainly was! My greatest challenge was to transform the classic Red Door signature into a new youthful composition. The fragrance structure was designed around this feeling of luminosity which is the “aura” of youth.

How does Red Door Aura differ from the classic original fragrance?
Red Door Aura has the same “genes” as the original scent but the top note is fresher and a touch fruitier to give it a new spark. The floral bouquet also has a more transparent radiance while the drydown is softer and more creamy woody musky.

Red Door Aura is available from all Elizabeth Arden stockists.


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