Dermalogica Shave

No one knows healthy skin better than Dermalogica, and they are about to make your shaving problems history with their simple, 3-step regimen.

How it works
As skin care professionals, Dermalogica know shaving impacts skin health: ingrown hairs, irritation and redness are just some of the visible signs of trauma your skin undergoes when you take a razor to it.

Simply put, shaving is a form of mechanical exfoliation. Shaving triggers a high level of visible irritation and can serve as a form of over-exfoliation, as well as lead to a compromised lipid barrier. When the skin’s lipid barrier is compromised, there is an increase in moisture loss, which leads to dry, scaly, cracked skin and a sensitized skin condition.

Further dehydration can occur in the lower layers of the epidermis when the skin’s lipid barrier is compromised. A dehydrated skin leads to inefficiencies in the physiology of the skin, in particular, enzymes responsible for normal desquamation.

Skin dryness can increase skin’s susceptibility to a various number of shaving concerns, including Pseudofolliculitis barbae (ingrown hairs and razor bumps), razor burn and sensitivity.

To ensure a clean, streamlined shave and minimize skin trauma, both beard growth and skin condition must be considered when selecting your regimen. Dermalogica Shave dual-action products are customized to meet skin care and beard growth needs, and allow skin care professionals to outline a straight-forward, three-step regimen that includes products for the Pre-Shave, Shave and Post-Shave process. Each step acts as a progression, designed to help further eliminate the top skin care concerns brought on by shaving.

The cleansing portion of Pre-Shave helps remove bacteria, surface oils and debris that impede a close, even shave. The protective portion of Pre-Shave helps to soften the beard while protecting skin from the razor.
We Love: Dermalogica Pre-Shave Guard RRP $46
Heavy, tough beards require extra prepping that maximizes beard softening without the high-alkaline ingredients that can aggravate and dry skin. Pre-Shave Guard shields and preps skin for shaving to help minimise razor burn and bumps.

Whether a gel, cream or water-soluble oil, the shaving medium must protect skin’s natural moisture barrier, help lift and soften the beard and protect skin from blade without impeding closeness.
We Love: Dermalogica Close Shave Oil RRP $61.00
No nicks. No cuts. No redness. All accuracy! Create an instant cushion between skin and razor with this ultra-smooth shaving oil for the ultimate close shave.

Cool and soothe skin while alleviating dryness, itchiness, redness, ingrown hairs, bumps and damage caused by skin-ageing UV rays.
We Love: Dermalogica Post-Shave Balm RRP $64
Reduce discomfort and redness brought on by shaving with this super cooling treatment balm. Intensely moisturises and soothes to shorten post-shave recovery time. A must-have for all skin conditions.

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