The Truth About Thinning Hair

We spoke to the experts on hair loss NIOXIN to find out why it happens and what exactly you can do to help the problem.

What causes thinning hair?
A close look at hair biology reveals three key areas that can influence hair appearance and condition – 1) the link between scalp and hair environment, 2) hair growth cycles and 3) changes in the hair structure over time. These same factors can also impact hair thinning.

What exactly is thinning hair?
NIOXIN has developed a clear definition of thinning hair based on scientific, stylist and consumer insights: Thinning Hair = Fewer Hair Strands + Finer Hair Strands + a Poor Scalp Environment. This definition has informed the creation of real, science-based solutions.

What is the hair growth cycle and why is it a focus for NIOXIN?
Hair follicles grow in repeated cycles made up of three phases: the Anagen or growth phase, the Catagen or transitional phase and the Telogen or resting phase. During all growth phases, the hair shaft is vulnerable to damage and ultimately breakage, especially if appropriate care products are not used to help serve a protective function. During the Telogen phase, hair is also very susceptible to shedding and plucking.

The Telogen phase is of great interest to NIOXIN because during this time hair bulbs shrink, resulting in hair being less strongly anchored to the scalp. As a result, mechanical stress like styling and brushing can accelerate hair shedding, plucking or breakages, which are the main contributors to daily hair fall.

NIOXIN’s tailored systems reduce the friction on the hair surface, helping to protect it from breakage and premature pulling and thus keeping as many hair fibres on your head for as long as naturally possible.

Who is affected by thinning hair?
Thinning hair is a highly common occurrence that affects men and women of all ages in many countries around the world. Globally, more than one in two people experience thinning hair and that figure is much higher in the United States where more than three out of four experience some level of thinning.

Are people who colour/relax/straighten their hair more prone to thinning hair?
Chemical processes such as colouring, relaxing or straightening hair can cause structural damage to the hair shaft. This damage can increase the occurrence of hair breakage mid-shaft, reducing the number of complete strands on the head and making hair appear thinner.

What is NIOXIN’s skin care approach to hair?
In the same way that optimal skin care relies on cleansing, moisturising and treating, NIOXIN believes that these same three components are essential for optimal hair and scalp care.

NIOXIN’s new three-part systems (cleanser, scalp revitaliser and treatment) cleanse, optimize and treat the scalp and hair via proprietary technologies and custom-tailored ingredients to deliver the appearance of abundantly thicker, fuller, thriving hair.

Does NIOXIN re-grow hair that has been lost?
No. NIOXIN is specifically formulated to help individuals who are experiencing thinning hair by giving hair a visibly thick, full appearance. Only prescriptions or surgical procedures can address new hair growth. Men and women with dramatic, complete hair loss should talk to their doctor or dermatologist to discuss the options that would be best for them.

Each of the NIOXIN six three-part systems are made up of a cleanser, scalp revitaliser and treatment. Finding the right solution to your hair thinning needs is as easy as answering three short questions; the first addresses the degree of hair thinning; the second, whether it is fine or medium/coarse; and finally, whether it is natural or colour treated. Each system contains custom technologies and ingredients that are specifically tailored to the individual needs of your hair and scalp to create thicker, fuller hair.

The new NIOXIN range is available exclusively through professional salons. For stockists or more info visit


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