Celebs Who Go Au Naturale

We’re all for going bare-faced every once in a while. After all, dermatologists swear it’s good to give your skin a break, and sometimes we just don’t feel like putting it on. But do theses celebs have to look so damn good sans makeup!?

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Heidi Klum showed off her fresh face via Twitter. Looks like flawless skin runs in the family!

– After seeing Beyonce Knowles attend a basketball game without wearing even a hint of powder, we’re surprised she bothers with makeup at all.

– It’s quite possible Megan Fox looks just as good barefaced as she does completely made up and appearing on the big screen.

Kim Kardashian shed the false eyelashes and flawless foundation during a trip to the gym. If only we all looked this good after a workout.

Jessica Simpson is no stranger to letting the world see her without makeup, and if you look this good then why not?

Jessica Alba showed off her enviable clear skin while running errands.

Kate Bosworth looks so youthful without makeup!

– Boho beauty Sienna Miller is yet another star who looks just as lovely without makeup. We love the smattering of freckles across her nose.

– Given Dakota Fanning‘s youth and gorgeous glow, it’s no wonder she so often skips wearing cosmetics.

Bar Refaeli looks like she caught a little too much sun, but nevertheless, she’s super-gorgeous without a stitch of makeup on.

– And that’s why Jennifer Love Hewitt has snagged a lot of hot Hollywood men.

– We actually think Snooki looks a lot prettier au naturale.

Nicole Richie definitely has that girl-next-door gorgeous look on lockdown.


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