Top 10 Hair Tips

Still brushing your hair 100 times every night? Well it’s time for a hair-care update. Check out our top 10 hair tips below for locks that are healthy, shiny and split free.

  1. Be sure to make regular visits to your hairdresser, ideally every 6-8 weeks to have it cut, even if you are growing it out you need to keep your ends trimmed. Never leave it over 10 weeks, otherwise what once were split ends will become split mid-lengths!
  2. A healthy diet plays a huge role in achieving and maintaining healthy hair and skin. In addition, supplements can also help.
  3. Ensure you always use heat protection products on your hair before styling. The ghd Heat Protect Spray is amazing and very lightweight.
  4. Treatments are key, so if you are running short on time try sleeping with your treatment in your hair and rinse it out in the morning.
  5. Before using any kind of heat styler aka your curler or straightener, make sure your hair is completely dry.
  6. To help with the above, ‘squeeze’ the water out of your hair before attempting to blow-dry. Never rub the hair as this causes friction and will disturb the hair cuticle, making it harder to keep hair smooth.
  7. Never tie your hair up while it is still wet as the hair is more fragile and will split much more easily.
  8. If your hair is misbehaving the problem could be product build up on your scalp. The result? Clogged hair follicles, weakened strands and possibly slowed hair growth. To get rid of that grime the pros swear by Sea Breeze Astringent, apply to your scalp once a week with a cotton ball then shampoo as usual.
  9. To achieve high-wattage shine, wash your hair the night before and then let it air-dry. Hair is much stronger when it’s naturally dried; plus, your scalps own oils are better than any product.
  10. Finish your shower routine with a blast of cold water as this will help close the hair cuticle and seal in the moisture to each strand.

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