Beautiful People: Leigh Campbell

Leigh Campbell is not only one of the most beautiful people I have ever laid eyes on but she is also the Beauty Editor for Cosmopolitan magazine. We were lucky enough to chat to her about all things beauty.

How would you describe your personal style, fashion and beauty wise?
I don’t think I really have a defined style when it comes to fashion. ‘Eclectic’ has to be the most overused word in women’s lifestyle content, so I will steer clear of using it. I like neutral tones (black, beige, grey, white and maybe a pop of navy if I’m feeling crazy), the odd sparkle, leather, anything unstructured and nothing too frilly or pretty. Put that all together and I guess you’ve got my style. When it comes to beauty I’m obviously a little more experimental, but my fail safe look is lashes (and lots of them).

What are the biggest makeup trends for summer 13?
Neon is massive (if you haven’t noticed) and we’re seeing that mostly on nails, but also on lips and lash lines. Nail art continues to flourish.

What do you love most about being a Beauty Editor?
There is so much to love. Mostly, though, I am thankful for spending my days with a bunch of smart, dynamic, fun, like-minded young women. It’s like school never ended, really (except now I actually do work).

What five products can’t you live without?
Concealer. I suffer a myriad of skin concerns so a good one for blemishes and another for under the eye is paramount. Lip balm is always within close reach (that doubles as a cheek glow). I’m also pretty obbed with facial oils right now, and bronzer is a trusty must-have. My iPhone is permanently attached to my hand. I know it’s not a beauty product but I would hyperventilate if I were without it.

What does your skincare routine consist of?
I’m pretty lazy when it comes to a diligent routine. I rarely wash my face before bed which is bad seeing as I have breakouts from PCOS. So do as I say, not as I do. In the A.M I cleanse with a cleansing oil while in the shower. Then, I pat on jojoba oil, followed by a rich eye cream with SPF. Come night-time I will at least face wipe, then more jojoba oil.

Best trick to brighten up a morning after face?
Skull as much water as you can manage. Swipe on your day cream, followed by a hydrating primer that’s kept in the fridge (Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is ideal). Follow with a BB cream or very light foundation (avoid long wear formulas), then brighten under the eyes with a light reflecting concealer. Curl lashes, then coat in black mascara. Finish with a pop of cream blush on the cheeks. Avoid all powders; Jess Alba taught me this – it only sucks away any much needed moisture.

How do you stay healthy?
Health is very important to me, namely my mental health. I do something active every day and I have finally learnt to listen to my body. If I’m tired I’ll forgo a crazy gym session for a long walk outdoors instead. I no longer berate myself for skipping a workout (then drown my sorrows in Tasty Toobs), instead I make sure I go the next day. Promises you make to yourself are just as important as those you make to others.

Who is your beauty icon and why?
Scarlett Y. Looks at her! But beyond being sex-on-legs, she also has fun with her beauty look. Sometimes she’s a bit off point, but she’s experimenting.

What has been your biggest beauty disaster?
How long is a piece of string? Gosh, I’ve had so many! I think that puts me in a good position to be an authority. I’ve learn first-hand from my mistakes. A spiral perm at the age of eight immediately comes to mind (thanks mum).

What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?
That it washes off! So often I will have readers say “I can’t do that”, or “I could never wear that” but they haven’t tried! Make-up can be removed with a mere face-wipe. Have a play and have some fun (Just don’t attempt a smoky eye for the first time five minutes before your cousins wedding). Set aside a spare night, study your face in the mirror, and don’t tell yourself you ‘cant’.

How do you treat yourself?
A trip out to my parents place or time with my nieces is my ultimate soul restorer.


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