How To: Curl Your Hair Like A Pro

The second in a 3 part series, we give you a few tips and tricks so you can curl your hair like a pro at home. Learn how to blow dry your hair like a pro here.

– Start by dividing hair into sections not more than one inch deep and two inches wide.

– Keep section smooth by brushing or combing through it while holding the ends taught with the other hand.

– Taking a section at a time, place the ends of the hair over the barrel with the clamp open. Then close the clamp, making sure that the ends extend just a tiny bit beyond the clamp.

– Grasp the safety tip with the other hand and it will be easier to roll hair.

– Keep the section of the hair taut as you wind it around the hot barrel. Wind the curl toward the scalp as far as you wish to go without touching the scalp with the hot barrel.

– Hold the curl in place for up to 20 seconds for tight curls or if the hair is hard to curl. Hold for less time if hair is easy to curl or if you want loose curls or waves.

– When ready to release curl, unwind about a half turn (for longer hair unwind a bit more) and push down on the clamp release lever to open the clamp.

– Now gently withdraw the barrel from the center of the curl. Allow curl to cool and try not to disturb curls while proceeding in the same manner around the whole head.

– When all curls have cooled thoroughly, gently brush or comb hair into the style desired.

– For a Flip, the clamp should be under the hair while the barrel is over the section of hair at the start of the curl.

– For Volume and Body, roll hair loosely around the barrel. Allow hair to cool slightly before brushing.

Curler Love: Remington Perfect Big Curls
Take the difficulty out of curling your hair with the new Remington perfect Big Curls. With a large 32mm barrel, you can create long-lasting perfect big curls and waves in seconds. Simply insert hair at the base and twirl hair up the length of the wand, hold for 10 seconds and release for gorgeous curls every time.

Remington Perfect Big Curls RRP $99.99


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