What Guys Really Think About…

Vaughan Smith is the ‘Vaughan’ in The Edge’s radio show ‘Fletch and Vaughan’. We find out what he thinks about some of the hottest beauty trends for women.

Pixie Haircuts
Check three things before you get a pixie cut.
1: Are you happy with your ears? Pixie cuts make them look 75% bigger than they are.
2: Do you actually look like a Pixie? Pixie Haircuts make you look 400% more like a pixie.
3: Do you have a feminine looking brother that people think you look like? Pixie Haircuts make you look 64% more like your feminine looking brother.
Other than that they look lovely. In particular see Emma Watson & Keira Knightley.

Red Lipstick
It looks good if you have a tan or are darker by nature. If you’re vampire white and you wear dark red lipstick you look like a vampire fresh from a feed. Or a goth that fell into 2012 from the late 90s and you want to know why the radio isn’t playing Marilyn Manson anymore. Or a kid that just yummed up a raspberry popsicle.

Bright Nails
All good. No problems with it. But you’ve kind of got to have that colour on you somewhere else right? I don’t know. But I am a fan of the feature nail. I surprise myself that I know these things! It’s not a bright colour but can I mention OPI’s colour “San Tan-Tonio” it’s a colour that will suit every skin tone and colour. Again, I surprised myself.

Bold Brows
Loves them. Eyebrows are kind of my thing. Always notice them. Always compliment ones I like! Shaped but bold is the future of the eyebrow. They’re the main thing I love about photos from the Downton Abbey and photos from the early 1900s. No one plucked their eyebrows to look like a pencil line with a harsh scary shape. Noteworthy eyebrows, actually from Downton Abbey, Jessica Brown Findlay, Cara Delevingne, Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian.

The Top Knot
I like the top knot. Is it pretty basic to do or is it hard? It always looks really super clean and stuff. Talking as a bald dude with a never ending forehead!

Dip Dyed Tips
Demi Lovato’s pink dyed tips look stupid. She looks like a 12 year old fresh back from a slumber party. Bleached blonde with dark ends looks VERY early 2000s when Xtina did it and wore assless chaps in the video for dirty. I think that’s called the Hamilton Lice Dip (at least that’s what my 57 year old father called it), because it looks like they’ve been held by the feet and dipped in lice killing black tar. However, the dark brown haired ladies who do a subtle change to a mousey brown at the ends is actually quite nice looking, as long as it looks natural and sunkissed.

False Lashes
They look alright for about 8 hours, then they look clumpy and tacky and start to fall off, like DJ Tuini’s in that episode of the GC, that shit was EMBARRASSING. Also don’t go crazy with the length, the only people with eyelashes that touch their eyebrows are men that dress as women and sing Cher songs at Cabarets. Do you want to look like that? Maybe you do, do you? Oh you do. Go on then.

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